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Black Man Celebrates After Finishing Postgraduate Studies at De Montfort University in Leicester with Honors

A clever, youthful, and energetic African man named Joshua O’Ben used his social media accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn to express his success in finishing his postgraduate studies at the prestigious De Montfort University in Leicester with honors.

The young man who shared his success story and some adorable images also thanked God and everyone else who had helped him along the way to his current accomplishment.

According to Joshua Olonade Ben published to LinkedIn;

“Hello there, I’m grateful to share that I recently completed a postgraduate degree program, yay! 😊🎉

I’ve put this off for a while due to factors including slight confusion on how to express the excitement and gratitude, so I contemplated writing a full blown article or a simple short caption as I’ve gotten used to lately. However, this is an important milestone worthy of proper acknowledgement, I mean, it’s a dream come true. 😊

So, it’s a MSc in Information Systems Management from De Montfort University and THANKFULLY I graduated with Distinction, and won the award of “The Best Postgraduate Student Prize in Information Systems – 2021/2022”. The choice of course and school were strategic to help push the limits of my knowledge and exposure as a technology problem solver, which involves the technical and management sides of technology and innovation.

Mind you, this was a tough journey, with a phase dating back to 2016 when I had my first set of international admission offers, but due to unsuccessful scholarship applications and lack of self-fund, the dream was pushed year after year and country after country until God showed me mercy and I eventually decided to push for this specific program, a decision partly triggered by the unfortunate events of October 20 2020 in Nigeria.

About the program itself, I arrived in the UK in January 2021 in the thick of winter (yes, it was extreme for me 😀) and the pandemic was still a thing, so I had to adjust not only to that, but to life in a new country, “blended learning”, the weather, new cultures etc., and it was more difficult than I anticipated. Although, I was and will eternally be grateful for this opportunity, as it has opened me up to new knowledge, opportunities and relationship

In addition to the insightful taught lectures, a major highlight of this program was working with Laurence Brooks on my project, titled “The Design and Development of a Web-based Tool for Gathering User Feedback on AI Ethics Guidelines”, this is an important piece of work that I look to develop further for real-world use by global AI policy makers. It has been identified by experts to have high potential of usefulness for researchers, and as much as this was a self-managed project (as expected), Prof was excellent in providing necessary guidance through valuable insights, and ensuring that I did the best work, with Sara Wilford, the second marker being critical yet very supportive and encouraging with her feedback, I am grateful to both of them 🙌.

As mentioned earlier, I struggled a bit in the beginning of the program, after which I met Desmond Oboira, who was in a similar boat, and together we joined forces to study and strengthen each other’s weaknesses, resulting in us both rising beyond the shadows of our struggles and finishing strong (inspiring much? lol). This has further made me prioritise Collaboration as one of my core values.

Looking ahead, with the added knowledge, experience, network, and exposure, I plan to continue to contribute to the development of creative solutions, especially through Technology, and to actively engage the global Tech community/market, I have been sedentary for long enough, now I’m back! 😎, yes, it’s time to produce.

Finally, I am here today, being who I am, with what I have (& don’t have) by the grace of God Almighty and the support of many angels in human form, that include friends, family, and sometimes seeming strangers. Therefore despite the excellent results I strive to achieve, I acknowledge that these are only possible due to the contributions of the entities mentioned, as such, I express my deepest gratitude, and say THANK YOU.

Oh, one more thing, my wife has been my biggest supporter, and has given more than can be expressed to help me achieve this and other aspirations, I am eternally grateful to you ‘Detayo, and together we will achieve greater feats than this 😉. That said, I won’t be mentioning any more names, but I’ll be tagging as many people come to mind, without whom this would have been impossible, once again, I appreciate everyone of you! THANK YOU!

I indeed thank you for your time, and hope this does something for/to you, you’re welcome to share in my excitement, and I’ll love to hear from you. Thank you!

Adetayo Adetunji Emmanuel Olonade Timothy Oke Adebanke Adediran Oluseyi Abolade Christianah Olonade Olalekan Paul Aluko Seun OlonadeZaki OLONADESolomon Ben Olonade Ibukunoluwa Adepoju Bukunmi A. Idehen Owen Eholo

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