Man who moved 20 years ago still won’t let his wife come to the UK with him

A Nigerian guy claimed that his uncle attempted to emigrate 20 years ago, but his wife refused to accompany him.

He claimed that the man was opposed to the idea of relocating her permanently to the UK, where he had lived for the previous 20 years.

The unnamed narrator claims that

@Benn_X1 on Twitter, his uncle and aunt just visit each other from time to time.

He wrote; ”My uncle has been in the UK for nearly 20 years, and has refused to take his wife to the UK permanently. Instead, they visit each other once in a while.

Sometimes, it is better for your wife to cheat on you in Nigeria than for her to mess up your life abroad. But men won’t learn.”

See how netizens reacted below..

@PenTitan; I know a man like this. He explained to us how his £500k mansion in the UK is too important to lose just because someone just wakes up and decides to be “free”.

@asuzor_david ; Because she didn’t build with him. If she built with him, he will trust her with everything

@Princemayorwar; Them fit dey shine your uncle wife kongo once in a while be that. If you don’t trust your women enough to take her with you, why marry her? If you marry her, why not divorce?

@mrnobs28; This question “why marry someone you can’t trust“ is always funny because the human mind is so dynamic that you can’t control how it moves… your trustworthy spouse can wake up one day and tell you I don’t look at you the way I used to, you can only control what you can control

@EzeonyilimbaC; As if the man in UK is not cheating, as if the man couldn’t have married a woman over there that would not mess up his life. How men are supposed to learn that stuff like that is “marriage” is ridiculous.

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