Many people are unaware that my wife, Lola, is much older than I am, Peter Okoye confesses [Video]

Peter Okoye, also known as Mr. P, addressed the age difference between himself and his 51-year-old wife Lola Omotayo, who is nine years older than her husband. In November 2022, both Peter and his twin, Paul, turned 41.

In a recent interview, he described how his family was frequently mentioned because they got married after having two kids.

People warned his wife that he would leave her for someone younger, he claimed, but he made up his mind to wed her nevertheless since she was genuinely the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

In his words:

“You know my wife, she has been through a lot in her life and I’m more like her support system.
I’m not gonna let go despite what everybody says. She’s more like a queen. I know, she’s an individual who… She took me when I was a nobody.

“She supported not just me, she supported us then. She’s an amazing and very strong individual like she’s an angel and I’m very proud. You know sometimes not many people know that she’s older than I am with a lot of numbers but it’s a decision I took and I have no regrets about it.

“I made up my mind like you’re the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I got married after two kids. Everybody was expecting me to dump her and marry a younger woman.”

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