My husband ordered me quit wearing trousers, but he now admires ladies who dress skimpily- Wife screams

A Nigerian woman has complained on social media about not being able to satisfy her spouse despite adjusting several aspects of her lifestyle to do so.

She claimed that before they married, he instructed her to deactivate her Facebook account, change her phone number, and disconnect from all of her friends. She accomplished all of these things without hesitation.

The woman claimed he vowed to do the same, but when she discovered he was still in contact with his buddies, he claimed it was all part of his strategy to deceive them.

He also requested her to remove her trousers and comb her hair, which she did. But the worst part is that he is now flirting with ladies who wear short skirts.

She recently caught her husband praising an image of a lady wearing a little skirt, which irritated her.

In her words; ‘‘Before me and my husband married He said I must delete my Facebook account and open a new one which he must know the password. Also change my SIM card and also delete all my friends from my life. Which I abided by the rules. He also stop me from wearing trousers and after wedding he said I should barb my hair, on Friday for peace to rain I barb It..

Also I later found out that he is always going out with few of his friends, which I confronted him, he said he is deceiving them. Just this night I saw where he is a telling someone in mini skirt picture baby you look hot… I feel like doing something to him in his sleep.”

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