Nigerian woman dismissed from work in UK for declaring “I’m strong” when ill

According to reports, a Nigerian woman who worked in the UK lost her job as a result of her bosses misinterpreting a message she sent.

She decided to send a letter to her boss explaining why she hasn’t been showing up to work after becoming ill and missing three weeks of work.

The young lady was religious, and this showed in the email she sent, which resulted in her being fired, according to a Nigerian Facebook user named Tripple U who shared the incident.

Her white employers didn’t know that as a Nigerian, she was announcing in faith that she is on the way to recovery when she wrote that she was strong rather than saying she was unwell, which was read to suggest that nothing was wrong with her health yet she decided not to be at work.

Due to what can be considered cultural misinterpretation, the words in the letter were utterly misconstrued.

Saying “I’m strong” when one is genuinely sick is a common display of faith among certain Nigerian Christians.

But in the UK, where the woman is said to have been fired because her employers took this to suggest that she stopped coming on purpose, it is clear that this did not apply.

Trippie U further pointed out that the woman, who was working and attending school on a scholarship, is having problems with her school and may soon lose it as a result of the same email.

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