Video of a father’s toddler running over their covered swimming pool garners responses.

A Caucasian dad sparked outrage on social media after posting a video of his toddler strolling across a covered swimming pool, which many viewed as unsafe.

@beaverrlandlodge, to explain that he installed the safety safeguard for their home swimming pool because of the children.

His youngster was seen running across the pool, which he had covered with a tarpaulin-like material, in the viral video.

He stated that he made the recording to demonstrate that it can withstand the weight of the youngsters and that it will serve as a deterrent to his children from entering the water without adult supervision.

Allowing a youngster to walk on the pool cover may not be safe, according to social media users; he discovered that it can support up to 45,000 pounds of weight at once.

To demonstrate that there is no need for concern, the father posted another video of the child dozing off on the cover.

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