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Kenya: Raburu honors his father with a touching video.

Willis Raburu is celebrating his father’s birthday today, posting an emotional video footage of his father while wishing him a good birthday.

Raburu’s father, Peter Otieno Raburu, turns 72 today, and the television host describes him as a man of immense wisdom, courage, and strength.

“Happy birthday to the man! Man of Infinite wisdom, courage, strength, poise, dedication, integrity, love for God, humility and grace! A leader, my hero. Peter Otieno Raburu! Love you dad! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

A few days ago, the media star uploaded a video clip of his loving father’s response after finding that his family had secretly planned a surprise vacation for his birthday.

Raburu and his siblings transported their father to Malindi without informing him of their plans.

The Citizen TV anchor’s father was taken aback when they finally revealed that they were in Malindi to celebrate his son’s birthday.

“Pulled off a major surprise for paps,” Raburu captioned the video.

Before proceeding,

“The birthday boy has arrived for soft life.”

Raburu commended his father for instilling qualities in him that molded him into the famous figure he is today when he celebrated his father’s 70th birthday two years ago.

Raburu expressed his gratitude and stated how much he loves their father-son bond over the years.

“This man has taught me so much and is truly an example.Words fail me, father, mentor, wisdom for days and lately close friend and confidant. I love you dad! Jakochieng, I’m honoured to carry your DNA and well… your face and name,” Raburu captioned the photo.

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