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80-year-old woman bags degree from US university after dropping out of school since 1960

Madeline Elizabeth Adams, a remarkable 80-year-old woman, has achieved her longtime goal of acquiring a bachelor’s degree since she finished school in 1960.

The University of Nebraska, Omaha, United States, awarded Madeline Adams, 80, a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Criminal Justice.

She narrated that she started her studies for the Bachelor’s degree at the university in the year 1960 but encountered some challenges that saw her drop out. “I just want to put a period on something I started back in 1960,” she stated.

Madeline Adams, who quit school in 1960 and received her degree from the University of Nebraska in May 2022, added another justification. She claimed “Life happened,” noting that by the time she had three children and professional shifts that moved her away from her immediate milieu, retirement age had sneaked up on her.

She became a role model for her children and great-grandchildren, inspiring them to persevere and be strong. Her children motivated her to complete the task she began so long ago rather than just sitting around doing nothing.

“I was through with school and my children encouraged me in these latter years – these curtain years: ‘Momma, you’re not going to be a couch potato,’” she said.

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