“N700K new note was sold for N1M at a party” – Whitemoney reveals [Video]

Whitemoney, the winner of BBNaija season 7, has disclosed how the new currency of N700,000 was exchanged for N1 million at a party.

Whitemoney has voiced his opinion on the continuing controversy around the new currency’s shortage. He has expressed how horrified he is by the Naira shortage in Nigeria and his outrage at the situation.

Whitemoney claims that there has been a dearth of fresh bills in the nation’s banks and ATM depositories. He did, however, mention how shocked he was to arrive at a gathering and see money hawkers there offering big bundles of the brand-new notes for sale.

The winner of “Shine Ya Eye” expressed disbelief at how some people obtained these fresh coins from the bank, noting that hawkers sometimes sold N700k notes for as much as N1 million while keeping N300k as profit.

Some reactions culled below:

Good for the people Wey dey patronize them, they are the enablers, we did this to us.

E shock me oo 😳

The government has destroyed the country so much to the point where poverty,greed,desperation runs in every Nigerian even the good ones.Desperation can make a good person do bad,stupid things.

Nigerians dey play

Na una wan show off for party now😂 what happened to crediting the celebrant

Money changers at parties should be cancelled! They should be arrested, they don’t get those money from CBN, they get it from commercial banks, those people hoard so much cash, how do we expect money to flow in the country? Some even have instagram pages to sell new note! Because it is mint?

Yess. You see people struggling at ATM but bundles of the new notes are in parties. Make it make sense

Be like I go start go sell mint!! 🤔🤔

u_jay_u’s profile picture

ollys_herbs’s profile picture
You buy abi you no buy?

The people are replicate of those that lead them

.co.za? Olori worldwideeeeee😍😍😍😍

Who asked them to change the naira notes in the 1st place if they know they don’t have enough new notes to go round. Nigerian govt just love frustrating their people

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