Nigeria: Actress Nnaji Charity slams Blessing Okoro over the IVD saga

Nnaji Charity, a Nollywood actress, lambasted relationship expert Blessing Okoro, telling her to learn to shut up unless she was having an adulterous affair with prominent businessman IVD.

Blessing Okoro accused IVD’s late wife, Bimbo, of arranging the sad conditions that led to her death, prompting Nnaji’s anger.

It’s no secret that the late Bimbo was often dropping videos and messages regarding the condition of her marriage.

Following her death and the revelations of controversial bloggers, Nigerian celebrities such as Mercy Eke, Christian Kayode, alias Berbie Doll, Tasha Amos, and others were dubbed IVD’s side chic.

Each female celebrity has come out to clear the air that it is all a lie. However, the late Bimbo’s brother has been granting interviews as he speaks on the ordeal his sister went through in her marriage.

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watch the video below:

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