Nigeria: I just wanted to say thank you- Funnybone writes an appreciation note as he marks the third anniversary of his mother’s death.

Today marks the third year since his mother’s death for Stanley Chibuna, popularly known as Funnybone, a Nigerian comedian and actor.

Funnybone took to Instagram to recount how he found out about his mother’s death. He revealed that he was sweating profusely despite the fact that the air conditioner was in perfect working order before his elder brother called and asked him to come over to the hospital.

When he arrived at the hospital, the doctor informed him of his mother’s death.

Funnybone then thanked his mother for everything she had done for their family while she was still alive. He went on to say that she sacrificed everything for their comfort.

You sacrificed everything so that we could be comfortable – Funnybone marks the third year since his mother’s death.

The comedian penned;

“Gone for 3yrs!!!

“I struggled for sleep that night. I was sweating profusely and the Ac conditioner was in perfect condition. I dragged my self to the wash room and washed my face and as soon as I was done I felt it!!!

“Felt like a whisper,Like someone echoed my name and then suddenly goosebumps and I became cold and was shivering

“Immediately my phone rang!!!

“I was walking to get my phone but deep down I was convinced that it was your voice I heard in my wash room. I knew it hmm I just knew it.

“I picked the call and my elder brother said to meet you guys at hospital that your health relapsed and you were rushed back to the hospital.

“I dressed up quickly and drove to the hospital. I arrived the hospital and saw you. I could swear that you were sleeping. I didnt believe the doctors and we drove you all the way to another clinic and then the doctor said to my face. Bro she is gone.

“My heart left me. My Strength failed me. But you asked to that I come see you that same day so we can talk. Mumsy you left just like that.

“Will I ever stop crying?? I doubt it oo. Aina Nnem you stood in the gap for me. You never missed your early morning mass prayers not for once. Nnem

“I just want to say thank you for everything. For Your sacrifices and Struggles. You gave everything so we can be comfortable. You worked tireless in the Sun and the rain.

“Thank you Nwanyi Amichi. I always remember these lines ‘Chibunna if It’s your own it will surely find you. Just be stay content’

“I will book a Mass in your name today and Pray for in front of the blessed Sacrament🙏

“I miss you Nnem. #NwanyiAkara.”

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