Producer VTek: “PSquare never gave me credit for producing their hit song, “Personally.”

Vtek, a Nigerian music producer, claims that popular music group Psquare denied him credit for producing one of their hit songs.

He claimed to have produced ‘Personally’ in 2013, but Psquare never mentioned him as the creator of the song, which was released in 2014 as part of the album Double Trouble.

The Producer revealed this while being interviewed on Jahbless’ ‘Original Intelligence’ podcast.

With the exception of two songs, most of the songs on P-album were produced by Vtek, who added that he was a relatively inexperienced producer at the time.

The sound engineer continued by mentioning that he co-wrote Shekini, another one of their hits, and that he sang the chorus.

He claimed that due to Psquare’s popularity in Africa, some other nations in North Africa were inviting Psquare to perform.

Watch him speak below:

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