The boy is tired. Reactions to Charles Okocha rousing a sleeping son and bugging him with a foreign accent

Charles Okocha, a Nollywood actor popularly known as Igwe Tupac, recently released a father and son video that caused online humor.

In the video, Charles Okocha, who was about to leave the house, went into his son Sean Okocha’s room and awakened him up with his trademark “American accent” to let him know he was leaving.

The youngster tried to go back to bed numerous times because he was still extremely sleepy, but his father continued restraining him and telling him how much he loved him.

He continued by asking his kid what he would like him to pick up for him on the way back, and the boy replied, “Ice cream and chocolate,” with troubled eyes.

The child appeared to be becoming tired of Charles’ persistent use of his foreign accent.

Captioning the post, he wrote:


Some2 reactions2 culled2 below:*

Charles Okocha

Charles Okocha

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