“Thunder will find you if you don’t stop this nonsense,” Yemi Alade replies a troll who referred to her music as “nursery rhymes.”

On the microblogging network, Twitter, a heated debate happened between feamle artist Yemi Alade and a troll who berated her music.

The drama began when her younger colleagues, Buju BNXN and Ruger, argued for the umpteenth time about who had more popular songs.

During the fight, Ruger appeared to accuse BNXN of paying large sums of money to promote his songs, despite the fact that most people dislike them.

This enraged BNXN, who accused Ruger’s record label head of employing “streaming farms” to boost his numbers on music streaming services.

In response, another musician, Blaq Bones, chimed in, saying, “all of you using streaming farms would be revealed soon.” hushpuppi awon”.

At this moment, Yemi Alade jumped into the fray, declaring, “Never seen a ” realler ” tweet! Please frame this tweet for me. “I’d like to hang it on my wall.”

However, the self-proclaimed ‘Mama Africa’ was involved in a heated debate with a troll who slammed her songs as ‘nursery rhymes.’

“You can try writing good hit songs and not your nursery rhymes”, the troll wrote.

In response, she said, “Sing your own abeg. Make you see say eh dey easy. Poet”

The troll didn’t back down and fired back at Yemi Alade saying,

“I can show you music that is way better than yours, it just because you have the right platform. So dont feel you are too good”

Yemi Alade was angered by the fan’s remark and chastised him for disparaging her years of hard work.

“Thunder go locate you if you don’t stop this rubbish. I have been on the Road for 7 years. I REPEAT GET YOUR FACTS RIGHTS. THIS IS MY JOB. IT IS NOT A GAME,”the infurated star wrote

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