Tunde Onakoya pays the tuition of students who loiter outside school after being sent home for owing money.

Tunde Onakoya, the founder of Chess In Slums Africa, has been commended for assisting children who were unable to pay their school fees.

According to the techpreneur, he paid the tuition of a group of schoolchildren he noticed loitering outside their school after being sent home.

According to Tunde, they were expelled from school by the authorities for failing to pay their fees.

He believed it should not have happened, so he brought the students back into the school and paid for them all.

He also mentioned that he was in a similar circumstance when he was a student roughly 15 years ago.

The Chess Master posted a photo of himself and the youngsters in which he appeared to be paying their tuition.

Tunde wrote; ‘‘Found a couple of children hanging outside a school- they were sent out of class for not paying their school fees. I took them back in and paid for all of them. I used to be that kid 15 years ago”

See his post:

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