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Young African Lady who was initially rejected by UK university finally gain admission, graduates with first-class degree

Oyin Olukotun, a talented Nigerian woman who earned a first-class law degree from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, has accomplished an extraordinary feat.

Oyin, who shared her experience on Linkedin, said she applied three years ago to the University of Cambridge for a law degree but was turned down because of her grade. She then reapplied, and this time the school eventually accepted her.

“3 years ago I missed my grades to get into Cambridge. Today I graduate from Cambridge with a First Class degree in Law,” she wrote on Linkedin.

Incredulous at her success, Oyin revealed that she experienced imposter syndrome while attending the University of Cambridge (the ongoing difficulty to trust that one’s success is justified or has legitimately been attained as a result of one’s own work or skills).

“Having felt imposter syndrome regularly throughout the degree to placing within the top 15% of my cohort, I have achieved what my 16 year old self could only dream of and am extremely proud of my achievement,” she explained.

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