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Young woman who hawks food to fund her university education finally graduates with first-class

Priscilla Akwagu, a driven young woman, became one of the greatest University of Study Winneba, Ghana graduates in 2021 after selling food on the streets to raise money for her education.

Priscilla Akwagu, who earned a bachelor’s degree in education, prioritized her education throughout her life, regardless of her financial situation. She claimed on Facebook that being able to go between hustling and murdering when necessary makes you stand out.

Adom Ara Kwa, who shared her story on social media, described how they got the chance to make her happy for pulling off such a remarkable feat. He posted on Facebook, “Today, we got the pleasure to put a smile on the face of a remarkable woman who beat the odds to graduate from the University of Education with a first class honors.”

He claimed that during her four years of education at the University of Education, Priscilla sold bofrot, a typical African delicacy consisting of fried dough. She not only earned her degree with honors but also stood out as one of the top graduates with a first-class grade point average.

In response to her story, which has inspired many people all around the world, Priscilla said she was astounded by the supportive remarks and congratulations she received after graduating. It will motivate her to work harder and develop as a person, she said.

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