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A 27-year-old African lady graduates as a lawyer from New York University

Meet Jemie Fodia Fofanah, a 27-year-old Sierra Leonean who graduated from New York University Law School after being generously funded by her parents.

Her mother, Naasu Genevieve Fofanah, expressed her delight at learning that her daughter had passed the DC Bar examination, which qualified her to practice law in the United States.

She wrote in her social media handle

“This evening my daughter called and said; mummy, I passed the DC Bar.” Naasu Genevieve Fofonah is still elated by the great feet her daughter has achieved.

She added that when she was at her daughter’s age, she had already become a mother and that she just got a high school certificate from Sierra Leone. In her words, she wrote “At your age, I was already your mother with just a high school certificate from Sierra Leone. You have worked so hard and today, you are an Attorney in the United States. Go and serve humanity my daughter.”

Jemie Fodia Fofanah earned a Juris Doctor (J.D.) after serving as a Birnbaum Women’s Leadership Fellow and a Filomen D’Agostino Scholar at New York University Law School.

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