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Kenya: Netizens’ amusing reactions to Apple’s Sh2.3 billion dollar fine

Apple, an American multinational technology corporation specializing in consumer electronics, software, and internet services, was recently fined $19 million (about 2.3 billion Kenyan shillings) in Brazil for failing to include chargers with its phones.

In its defense, the corporation cited environmental concerns as the reason for not including the lighting USB-C connector with the phones.

The company claims that many consumers already have chargers, therefore its choice to continue selling chargers separately.

It appears to be their method of assisting in the reduction of carbon emissions and electronic trash.

The Brazilian court, on the other hand, considers that this is simply a means for the firm to make more money by selling its own accessories.

The internet, in its genuine form, remains unbeatable. Netizens online have responded to Apple’s fine with some amusing memes, as a $19 million fine is peanuts for a trillion-dollar firm like Apple.

Here are some further thoughts about the fine:

bimarahmanda: They will still sell it without a charger

mia_xxs: Should be $19mil for each phone

bugagash_enka: This guys really know how to make money 🙄 And I don’t think it’s fair to sell phones without charge! What next? Phone without battery?

axm_xhss: In a few years time they’re just gonna sell us the box

ben_lourvanij: That’s less than 1/5 of their daily income

__sam_e__: Apple always has excuses for making money

ckrlito: Brazil really think 19 million dollars finna affect them💀

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