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A 75-year-old woman bags Master’s degree from a South African University, on track to earn a PhD

Notozi Jennifer Mgobozi, a determined 75-year-old grandmother, has realized a lifelong dream of furthering her education by earning a Master’s degree from Walter Sisulu University in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Notozi Jennifer Mgobozi, who received her Bachelor’s degree in the 1960s, stated that her brother-in-law, Philip Saluva, advised her to become a teacher. Her interest in teaching has grown since she completed her Bachelor’s degree.

Jennifer Mgobozi joined several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that focus on education after graduating from the Tshiya College of Education. She speaks more than four languages and has developed a strong interest in language teaching.

She decided to further her education in 2016 after working for several years and enrolled in a Master’s degree in Education at Walter Sisulu University. “In Mthatha, I worked with ladies who had families with them. “They would go home to their families after work, while I was lonely [by this point she was divorced],” she explained how she became inspired.

“I thought why should feel lonely when I can focus on getting an education. I thought here is a university next to me and it is within a walking distance so why don’t I go and register?

“When I first told my family that I wanted to study they asked me when I was going to stop wanting to learn. At first they weren’t too sure, but they didn’t discourage me.” she said.

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