Broda Shaggi opens up “I Earn Over $40k (N20M) Monthly as A Skitmaker”

Samuel Animashaun Perry, also known as the well-known Nigerian skitmaker Broda Shaggi, generated a lot of interest on social media after discussing content production and how he earns a living.

In a recent podcast interview with media personality Dadaboy Ehiz, the content producer, who has an impressive 1.7 million YouTube subscribers, disclosed that he earns more than N20M.

Consistency in skit production, according to Broda Shaggi, is essential, and the more content artists produce, the more money they make.

He also noted that one more way for skitmakers to get money is by collaborating with brands.

He claims that when choosing influencers to work with, brands often look for high numbers, views, comments, and reach because that is where the money is.

Shaggi is a versatile performer, event host, and brand ambassador, thus his income is not just derived from making skits.

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