Dele Alake Defends Tinubu’s Source Of Wealth: “He Has Been Trading In Stocks”

Tinubu’s Source Of Wealth– Dele Alake, the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council’s director of strategic communication, has claimed that Bola Tinubu, the party’s presidential candidate, received funding through holding blue-chip company stocks.

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During an appearance on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, Mr. Alake discussed Tinubu’s Source of wealth.

When asked where the former governor of Lagos got his money, he responded, “What I know is that he has been trading in stocks ever since his days in the business sector, and he himself admitted so.

He has been investing in securities like bonds and equities. I have no background in finance. Therefore, I won’t be interested in the specifics of it all. But I am aware that he has been trading.

“I am aware that if you are a stock trader and a finance professional, you are adept at juggling the stock market and all of that. Those who are skilled at it understand what I mean. They wouldn’t start asking him about his stock trading earnings.

He was investing in blue chip firms’ stock, among other things. He was earning income and spending it. Before he held office, he had been doing this for years.

The former governor of Lagos State has faced criticism and opposition for his wealth, with some claiming he is corrupt and secretly owns stock in businesses.But Mr. Tinubu and his associates have persisted in disputing the allegations and maintaining that he properly acquired his money.

These inquiries have grown in number as elections draw near, but Mr. Alake thinks they are the result of jealousy, anger, and the “pull-him-down” syndrome.

Because he was a successful politician even after leaving office as Lagos’ governor, people are asking where he got his money, he claimed.

He is essentially the only member of the 1999 graduating class who is currently at that coveted political height. He will inevitably draw all of these unfavorable remarks.

Mr. Alake emphasized that he was aware of Tinubu’s expenditures and fortune prior to his election to office.

That was essential to him.

He was financially successful before taking government. I believe that the fact that this man was not a pauper prior to taking office, unlike some others, is what matters most to Nigerians.

Whether Tinubu owns or has investments in any Nigerian companies was not disclosed by Mr. Alake.

What does it concern me that he runs a firm in Nigeria, he asked? Why should I care about the businesses you own if you were to become Bola Ahmed Tinubu tomorrow if it can’t be shown that you stole money from your state or the business you work for?

“It is not established, and you have not been charged in any court of law. Why should I be worrying about this right now?

“It’s an unimportant matter and, as I often say, appealing to the whims and caprices of individuals who are extremely envious, jealous, and suffering from OCH, obsessive-compulsive hatred, of Asiwaju,” the politician said.

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