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Kenya: Confusion as a man driving his wife’s car meets her other husband, who purchased it for her.

A Kenyan guy revealed an intriguing story about his wife living a double life with two husbands.

The man, simply known as Joe, stated that he was out running errands when he was approached by a man who questioned him why he was driving his wife’s car.

He was perplexed by the question, so he replied that the car belonged to his wife.

The man he ran into, on the other hand, took him to his office and gave him documentation indicating that he bought the automobile for her.

However, Joe, who drove the car, discovered that she told him it was purchased using a loan she obtained.

The second man stated that he only sees her on weekends since she works in another city, although she stated to the first husband that she attends Masinde Muliro University every weekend for her MSC program.

“You borrow your wife’s car to run some errands in town,” the message says. Then, as you’re parking, a gentleman approaches you and politely inquires as to what you’re doing with his wife’s automobile.

You explain that it is your wife’s automobile. He takes you to his office and shows you the logbook and other documentation for the car. Meanwhile, your wife (the mother of your two children) had always told you that she acquired the car with a loan from her workplace’s SACCO.

You tell him to show you the photo of his wife. He shows you the photo of his wife. Voila! It’s Achieng your wife! Same photo. Same photo. He say his wife works in Kericho and sees her only weekends. Meanwhile, your wife allegedly attends her Masters Degree classes every weekend in Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega every weekend, for the last 1 year.”

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