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Kenya: Pastor Owuor’s miracles have made headlines three times.

Pastor Owuor is a man who is both adored and despised.

Because of the’miracles’ he performs, he creates a stir wherever he goes.

Miracles have existed since the beginning of time, but in our day and age, where pastors have turned the word of God into profit, few people believe in the power of miracles.

When you tell people in 2022 that you have healed a blind person, an HIV positive person, or a cripple, it is quite easy to raise an eyebrow.

It is more difficult to ignore someone who tells the skies to rain and has it rain on you in less than two minutes on a dry day.

People select what they believe in; we all have differences, but we all worship the same God.

Pastor Owuor has done three huge miracles, the most recent of which has had his people praising him across all social media platforms.

He prayed for a disabled baby named Maureen in Pokot yesterday, and the baby walked.

To highlight some of his alleged mighty wonders;

1. Dark clouds descended in Kisumu

In 2019, the prophet was hosting a crusade at Kisumu’s Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground.

One of the witnesses reporting the event claimed that a dark cloud began to form over the stadium in a very short time while the prophets were preaching.

It is assumed that the cloud approached what appeared to be the shape of a funnel.

The cloud eventually landed on top of the tent where the Lord’s prophet was sitting.

2. Calling on rain and it obeys

In his early days of preaching, he performed a miracle by commanding the clouds to open and listen to him.

“Let the earth and the clouds listen to the words of my lips,” he said, and it began to rain within less than two minutes, while he was still speaking.

3. Resurrecting a dead woman

Mama Rosa apparently died in 2017 and was revived by the prophet from afar. This story went viral like nobody’s business.

The husband, Samson Rotirakori, stated in the narration that his wife was quite ill. He then summoned a minister from their church, led by Prophet Owuor.

The woman rose from the dead after Prophet Owuor prayed for her. According to legend, the revived questioned who had raised her from the dead.

The woman died later that year.

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