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Stop whining like a child, why fight this unnecessary war?- Linda Ikeji criticizes Meghan Markle for ‘commonizing’ Prince Harry

Linda Ikeji, a billionaire blogger, has slammed Meghan Markle for commonizing Prince Harry and villainizing the royal family.

This comes on the heels of the royal couple’s tell-all Netflix documentary. Netflix has teased the documentary and shown viewers a preview of it.

Linda Ikeji slammed the Duchess for constantly whining like a little girl on her Instagram story.

She stated that if God had made her a real-life Princess, she would use the platform to touch and change people’s lives rather than complain.

Linda chastised Meghan for isolating Prince Harry from his family and instigating conflict within the royal family.

“The way Meghan has commonized Harry is sad to watch. A real life Prince making a mockery of his life and selling to Netflix. It should be beneath him…but Meghan…oh Meghan. Sigh”

“If God made me a real life Princess, I’d use the platform to touch and change lives not constantly whining like a little girl….and estranging my man from his family. If the royal family didn’t approve of Harry marrying Meghan. He would not have married her. So why all this unnecessary war? Are we supposed to feel sorry for her? Why villianize her inlaws? Rest abeg Meghan”.

Linda Ikeji isn’t the only celebrity to criticize Meghan for separating Prince Harry from his family.

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