Susan Pwajok, star of The Johnsons, said, “I started paying school fees with my earnings in JSS1.”

Susan Pwajok, a Nigerian actress and TV presenter, has revealed that she paid her secondary school fees with her own money.

She revealed this during a recent episode of Surviving Lagos on Glitch Africa studio while speaking with crossdresser, James Brown.

Susan was talking about her upbringing and how she didn’t know her father, so her mother raised her from a young age.

According to the Nollywood actress, she began paying her tuition in JSS1 with money earned from her role in the sitcom series The Johnsons.

The attractive podcaster stated that she began acting in primary school and that when she reached secondary school, she told her mother that she wanted to pay her school fees because she was already making a small amount of money.

Pwajok went on to say that her father was never present and that she felt compelled to relieve her mother of some of the financial burdens.

She stated that her mother was doing well for herself, but she still felt the need to help in her own way, even as a teenager, despite occasional challenges such as not receiving her pay from The Johnsons on time.

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