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18-year-old Lady gains admission to 49 US universities, wins $1.3m scholarship to become a veterinary doctor

Makenzie Thompson, a remarkable 18-year-old woman, was accepted to 49 universities in the US thanks to her excellence in high school.

Makenzie Thompson graduated with a stellar 4.0 grade from Westlake High School in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. She sent applications to 51 universities in the US, and 49 of those institutions accepted her.

Along with receiving acceptances from a whopping 49 universities, she also received a total scholarship grant of $1.5 million. “The acceptances began to arrive via email and the post office. There’s another one, my folks thought. As time passed, we observed the folder gaining thickness, Thompson said Know Your Value.

“Acceptance is one thing, but once you see that they were going to offer me money—that really started adding up fast,” Thompson added

Thompson believed her outstanding high school grade, extracurricular activities and hard work helped her secure so much success in her admission. Her two rejections came from Cornell University in New York and the University of Illinois, she said.

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