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19-year-old man abandons university degree to become a scholar in cake making, now earns over $100,000

A remarkable 19-year-old businessman described how he gave up the dream of attending college in the United States in favor of becoming a scholar and cake-making specialist.

The young American cake expert Justin Ellen told CNBC about his experiences in school and as a business. Contrary to the customary procedure, he claimed, of enrolling for a bachelor’s degree after completing high school, he chose to take a different route in order to realize his personal desire of having an impact on the world.

At the age of 17, Justin Ellen completed high school and was faced with the decision of enrolling in college or pursuing his full-time passion for baking. While still in high school, he had already begun creating cakes and was earning at least $5,000 each month.

He narrated that he was under intense pressure from peers who had enrolled for university but he stood his ground to follow a different path of becoming a scholar. In his words, he said; “everyone has their own path”.

Justin is the proprietor of the cake company Everything Just Baked, which currently generates more than $100,000 annually because to his passion and drive for baking.

His peers who enrolled in bachelor’s programs are also making strides at their various universities, with many of them receiving grants and scholarships to conduct outstanding scientific research.

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