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After 12 years of providing for others, a 32-year-old housemaid receives a scholarship and earns a college degree.

Ntombizodwa Merriam Mahlangu, a 32-year-old housemaid, received support from her job and graduated from the University of South Africa.

Ntombizodwa Just 9 years after working as a domestic worker, Merriam Mahlangu received an exceptional Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Public Administration and Communication Facilitation from the University of South Africa.

She had always wanted to be a teacher since she was a little girl. Her advancement was hampered by the fact that she lost both of her parents when she was still a child, as well as a lack of resources and development in rural areas, a subpar educational system, money problems, and an unintended pregnancy.

“I grew up on a farm with my grandparents and three siblings, while my parents were in Gauteng trying to make a living. It was a tough environment with no electricity, no water supply, and extremely far from school,” Ntombizodwa narrated.

Ntombizodwa became pregnant at the age of 19 and had to care for her unborn kid. She had just finished high school and was waiting in line to enroll at South Africa’s Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria.

Due to the pregnancy, she was forced to forgo her studies at the university and focus on finding work so she could support her growing family. She began working as a domestic helper in South Africa in 2007, and in 2018, she was hired by advocate A.J.A. Cornelius, a kind man.

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