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Dr. Tommie Mabry Receives a PhD Despite Being “Expelled From Ten Schools and Arrested at a Young Age”

Here is an amazing story about a man who was expelled from ten different schools and arrested at a young age, but who persevered and earned a post-doctoral degree (PhD).

Dr. Tommie Mabry is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and educational consultant.

Mabry was not even in high school when ten public schools expelled him, and he was in fifth grade when he received his first sentence of several days in a detention center.

People teased him after he graduated from high school, claiming that he would never make it in life because he was too problematic.

In an interview session, Mabry said;

“I didn’t know how to write a paragraph until college, and they don’t teach that. I had a professor tell me I wouldn’t get a degree because I don’t write the way I should, I’m not a scholar.

So I stayed In the writing lab at every college I went to,”

“The hard thing wasn’t the neighborhood; that was easy because I’m from it. It was sitting in a classroom with other scholars and scared for them to call on me to spell something on the board, that was my biggest fear.

I worked on that my whole college career, but my mind was different, my why was different.”

The young man was able to obtain his first Bachelor’s degree in education from Tugaloo College, followed by a Master’s degree in child development from Tugaloo College, and now a Doctorate in Urban Higher Education from Jackson State University, thanks to his great persistence and attention.

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