A Nigerian Lady presents her husband with lavish gifts each day until his birthday.

The standard has been raised significantly by a Nigerian woman who, in the days leading up to her husband’s birthday, surprised him with a wide array of gifts.

She began giving him gifts a few days before his birthday and continued doing so every day until it arrived.

Every time she gave her husband a different gift, the woman recorded his response.

A bracelet, boxes of shoes, clothes, wine, a new iPhone, a MacBook, and a variety of other items are among the gifts.

The man was amazed every time he received something, and he only used a few exclamation points to express it.

In the video she shared, her husband made the decision to try on some of the clothes he had received, but his wife continued to give him new ones.

He took her by the hand to go inside when he felt the need to show his appreciation, but she mockingly retorted, “Help me, dey don dey carry me go where I no know.”

Watch the video below:

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