Justin Dean responds when his ex-wife Korra Obidi accuses him of sending cops to her residence.

Justin Dean, the estranged husband of Korra Obidi, a dancer residing in the United States, has broken his silence after his ex-wife resorted to social media to express her outrage, implying abuse and torture.

Korra Obidi posted a video on her Facebook page of a female cop storming her house to conduct an inspection on her final child, Athena Dean, after receiving information about the toddler falling from a chair.

Korra Obidi expressed her disgust with the visit and implied that her ex-husband was behind the whole thing. She went on to describe it as an act of harassment directed at her.

In the midst of the storm, Justin Dean took to his own Facebook page and held a three-hour-long live session to address some issues.

Dean chastised Korra Obidi for taping a cop who came to inspect her daughter, claiming that it violated Child Privacy Laws.

He also denied sending cops to Korra’s apartment for any purpose.

According to him, he has been visited a few times by cops who also come for child inspection, but he has never shared this information on social media since he does not want his children to be tied to such things.

Captioning the video, he wrote:


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