Lady learns that her ‘wealthy’ fiancé lives in an unfinished building.

A Nigerian lady described how she learned that her partner was not as affluent as he had led her to believe.

Yougochi, a young woman from the United States, stated that she met a man who won her heart and that her father liked him.

According to her, the guy promised her the world and pretended to be financially secure enough to take care of her.

However, after they were engaged and planning to marry, she discovered that he lives in an abandoned building.

Yougochi revealed that her fiancee had no money and only had a pet monkey to brag about.

In her words; ”I was skeptical when we first met but he won my heart and my father adored him. He was so charming, doing very well for himself, and said he’d show me the world.

When it was time for us to marry, I found out he lived in an abandoned building with his pet monkey & had no money.”

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