Trending video: Drama as more than 10 cops struggle to arrest one drunk woman

While attempting to apprehend one woman who was causing a disturbance at an event, a squad of police officers faced an unexpected obstacle.

Officers were summoned to settle the situation because the woman was inebriated from alcohol and was acting out.

However, she put up a strong resistance, making it challenging for nearly a dozen police officers to arrest her and take her away.

The police, both male and female, could be seen attempting to pin the inebriated woman to the ground in a viral video.

The officers ultimately managed to restrain the powerful lady after several intense moments that were seen by guests.

Reacting, king_sallyjay said; If she was black, you would see how they will bring her down once

chuckbb22; Oyibo police no dey shame, u will see three or four cops trying to arrest one person

ngrdbowen; She maybe a he she

lauren.beatty.18; Excessive force!😢😢😢

madamedinero; IKYFL Is that Stormy Daniels?!?😂

theaccountant609; If she was a dark skin, trust me they would’ve made sure to put her on a choke and k!ll her right before our eyes.

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