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Brilliant Lady graduates as a Software Developer from South African University with 23 distinctions and over 92% grade

A smart South African woman named Zinhle Sibanyoni graduated with 23 honours and a 92.7% grade point average as a software developer from Damelin College in South Africa.

On Linkedin, Zinhle Sibayomi shared a video of her parents presenting her with gifts on the day of her graduation.

“22 distinctions of 26 modules-15 academic awards, 4 certifications and average of 92,7% later. I am honored for being the recipient of the prestigious Dean and Merit list awards,” she wrote on Linkedin.

After completing her National Senior Certificate at the Horskool F.H. Odendaal, Zinhle transferred to the Damelin College to pursue a degree in information technology, computer and information systems security/information assurance.

“I remember reading somewhere – “Education should be something that excites you!” And that is what 3 years of Information Technology was, just being excited about learning something new each day through amazing peers and professors,” she wrote on Linkedin.

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