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Ghana: Let’s use our natural shea butter oil, suggests John Dumelo, as cooking oil prices rise.

John Dumelo proposes that Ghanaians use shea butter for cooking because the price of cooking oil has skyrocketed in recent days.

According to the actor-turned-politician-turned-farmer, shea butter is abundant in the Northern part of Ghana, and in the midst of the rapidly depreciating Ghana cedi, which has had a domino effect on the prices of goods, including cooking oil, he appears to believe it is an opportune time not only to use it in place of imported ones, but also to promote it to the rest of the world.

On Tuesday, October 25, 2022, Dumelo proposed this in a Facebook post on his page, eliciting numerous reactions from his followers.

“Natural shea butter oil can be used for cooking and it’s in abundance in the Northern part of Ghana. So why are we not promoting its use?” he quizzed.

His clarion call has struck a chord with the majority of his supporters, with many praising him for the idea.

John Dumelo

Joyce Bawah Mogtari, an aide to former President Mahama who is from the northern part of the country, couldn’t agree with Dumelo more, seizing the opportunity to promote some of the benefits of using shear butter for cooking.

“Absolutely yes… organic and unadulterated

“It also acts as a preservative

“Use it to fry your meat and fish and thank me later! You can keep it for a very long time…,” Mogtari wrote.

Ghanaians have been complaining about rising cooking oil prices. It is just one of many import-dependent products whose prices have risen as the Ghana cedi has depreciated against the US dollar and other major trading currencies.

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