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The president of Tanzania gives a fisherman a federal job as compensation for saving victims of a plane crash.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan has honored a Tanzanian fisherman by the name of Jackson Majaliwa for displaying bravery by saving at least 20 passengers after their plane crashed into Lake Victoria.

Kassim Majaliwa, the prime minister of Tanzania, said this in a statement on November 7, 2022.

When the Precision Air plane arrived at Bukoba airport from the Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam on Sunday, November 6, it crashed landed in Lake Victoria, killing 19 people on board.

Jackson, however, was one of the first people to arrive at the crash site and he guided other fishermen in rescuing survivors.

The fisherman told local media that while attempting to rescue the pilots, Captain, and First Officer who were trapped in the cockpit, he narrowly avoided dying.

Majaliwa Jackson’s employment in the Tanzania Fire and Rescue Force was reportedly ordered by President Hassan to the Ministry of Home Affairs, according to the Prime Minister’s Office.

“I direct the Interior Ministry to enlist Majaliwa in the nation’s Firefighting and Rescue Brigade so that he can obtain the necessary training to become qualified for the position.

The fishermen ought to receive rescue mission training, according to Majaliwa in the statement.

When Jackson was leading a procession of thousands of mourners who were paying their final respects to the victims of the plane crash in the Bukoba district of the Kagera region, Majaliwa made the announcement that the president had offered Jackson a job.

The fisherman also received 1 million Tanzanian shillings, according to the PM.

According to the statement, a total of 24 people were saved, including 22 passengers and two members of the cabin crew.

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