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A young boy who walks 11 kilometers from work to school every day receives a car from a generous woman and celebrates his success.

Jayden Sutton, a young high school student, received a generous gift from a kind woman who noticed that he walks 7 miles (11 kilometers) every day from a restaurant where he works to school in order to sponsor his education.

Jayden Sutton is a Cobb County high school senior from Georgia, United States. As a result of his parents’ financial difficulties, the hardworking young boy chose to work at a restaurant in order to fund his education.

Every day, he had to walk from his school to the restaurant where he works and then back home. Sutton told the outlet that he would leave school at 3:30 p.m. and walk miles to his restaurant job. The teen returned home after his shift, which usually lasted between six and eight hours, sometimes arriving at nearly midnight.

The 18-year-old, on the other hand, was blessed after meeting a generous woman named Lavonda Wright Myers. According to her, she drove by Jayden Sutton, who was walking in the rain, and decided to give him a ride.

“On, Dec 10, I passed a 12th grade stranger walking in a light rain at the speed of lightning headed to work after school. After working a 7hr shift, He would walk miles back in the cold arriving home around 1130pm at night with this same smile,” she narrated in a Facebook post.

On the same day, she promised Jayden Sutton that the next time they met, she would have gotten him a car. “I told him in BOLD FAITH the next time you see me it’ll be with a car the lord’s going to bless you with. We prayed together on the steps of his job and activated our faith,” she stated.

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